On May 11, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, along with two convenience stores and the American Petroleum and Convenience Store Association, sued the California attorney general and district attorney for Fresno County in their official capacities, seeking declaratory relief that these California officials misinterpreted and misapplied California’s ban on flavored tobacco products and incorrectly concluded that

Financial services companies are using AI to assist with many business processes, including underwriting decisions, consumer credit approval, servicing and collections, loss mitigation programs, customer interaction on websites and mobile apps via chatbots, and in detecting fraud. In this fourth episode, Stephen Piepgrass and colleagues Chris Willis and Michael Yaghi examine the use and impact

On May 8, Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser announced a $21,250 settlement with Denver marketing company Ifficient for inappropriately using consumer data for work Ifficient performed on behalf of broadband industry clients concerning a Federal Communications Commission proposed regulation repeal.

In 2017, Ifficient was hired to generate comments for public submission regarding the rulemaking proceeding.

Consumers nationwide will begin receiving checks from a May 2022 multistate settlement between 51 attorneys general and Intuit, owner of TurboTax. The coalition of AGs settled with Intuit for $141 million to resolve allegations that TurboTax deceptively marketed its products.

The AGs accused Intuit of misleading customers by describing TurboTax products as “free.” Seventy percent

On May 8, Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser announced settlements with four of the largest guaranteed automobile protection (GAP) administrators — Safe-Guard Products International, Inc., Jim Moran & Associates, Inc., Norman & Co., Inc., and National Auto Care Corporation — operating in Colorado, totaling more than $2.87 million in restitution for 3,550 Colorado vehicle owners.

Several mid-Atlantic state legislatures recently took significant action on the cannabis front, setting the stage for a major expansion of the cannabis market in the region. The impact of these laws varied widely, as shown by the summaries below.


Maryland has supported a medical marijuana market since 2012, with currently over 100 licensed dispensaries.

In March 2023, the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) hosted its 2023 Attorney General Symposium and Presidential Summit in Philadelphia. Several State AGs and their staff members attended the meetings. Among the topics discussed, the panels involving artificial intelligence (AI) and organized retail crime (ORC) provided particularly relevant and pressing commentary. The Presidential Summit

On April 28, Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes announced a settlement with two Phoenix-area restaurants — Etta Scottsdale LLC and Maple & Ash Scottsdale LLC — over undisclosed add-on charges. AG Mayes claimed that the restaurants charged a 3.5% “employee benefits charge” to walk-in customers not disclosed on either restaurant’s menu, which allegedly violated the

In March 2023, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office issued a letter to Kroger Co., urging the company “to add clear signage to your stores to help consumers understand which eggs, exactly, came from caged chickens.” The letter expressed concerns about Kroger’s confusing and misleading marketing of caged chicken eggs, stemming from a “February