On December 7, the Senate confirmed Clare Connors as the U.S. attorney for Hawaii. Connors, appointed by Gov. David Ige, served as Hawaii’s attorney general since January 2019.

During her term, Connors was co-chair of the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) Human Trafficking Committee. She has long supported state and national initiatives against human trafficking, as we previously covered here.

Connors’ prior experience involves both public and private practice. She was a former trial attorney and served as Hawaii’s assistant U.S. attorney. Raised in Hawaii, Connors attended Yale College and obtained her law degree from Harvard Law School.

Holly T.M. Shikada will succeed Connors as the new state attorney general. Shikada congratulated Connors and wished her well: “I would also like to congratulate Clare and wish her the best in her new role as U.S. Attorney for the District of Hawaiʻi. I know that our friendship will translate into a great partnership between the Department of the Attorney General and the Department of Justice.”

Ige expressed appreciation for Connors by saying, “I wish Clare all the best as she continues her public service in her new capacity. I know that we’ll continue to work together on behalf of the people of the State of Hawaiʻi.”