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Governor Gavin Newsome recently signed California Assembly Bill 45 (AB 45) into law, which, among other things, allows hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) to be included in any food, beverages, and dietary supplements sold in California. This is not only a break from California’s prior position prohibiting CBD from being included in such products even as the

The Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and several state attorneys general are challenging the American Airlines Group, Inc. (American) collaboration with competitor JetBlue Airways Corp. (JetBlue). Both sides to the dispute accuse the other of harming competition among airlines. On September 21, the DOJ and its state attorney general partners filed

State regulatory agencies in Alabama, Kentucky, New Jersey, and Texas have increased their efforts to challenge digital asset-related products by issuing cease-and-desist or “show cause” orders against New Jersey-based cryptocurrency company, Celsius Network LLC (Celsius). In September, Celsius — which provides a blockchain-based cryptocurrency lending and trading platform — became the most recent target of

Several state attorneys general recently signaled their interest in pursuing broader and more effective enforcement antitrust actions by urging the federal government to pass legislation that would strengthen current federal antitrust laws and solidify the states’ authority to enforce them.

In late September 2021, a group of 32 state attorneys general sent a letter to

On August 17, former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt formally announced he will be running in 2022 for the U. S. Senate seat currently held by Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto, who served as Nevada attorney general from 2006 to 2014.

Laxalt graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University and from Georgetown University Law Center. He

While national anti-human trafficking initiatives, such as the Blue Campaign[1] and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children,[2] are relatively well-known, several state attorneys general have been outspoken leaders in the fight against human trafficking through legislation, initiatives dedicated to public education and awareness, and victim recovery.

Many of these initiatives will

Vermont Attorney General T.J. Donovan recently announced that his office settled violations of the state’s delivery sale law with three online electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) sellers. Since December 2020 and including these most recent settlements, the state has collected $472,500 from 13 companies for such violations, signaling the state’s growing desire to enforce this

On July 23, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt named John O’Connor, 66, to the post of attorney general. O’Connor replaces Dawn Cash, who served as acting attorney general following Mike Hunter’s resignation at the end of May for personal reasons.

O’Connor will serve until the end of Hunter’s term in January 2023 and has confirmed that

Between July 20-22, 2021, state securities regulators in New Jersey, Texas, and Alabama took aim at BlockFi — a cryptocurrency-based platform that has raised $14.7 billion from investors — related to the company’s interest-bearing crypto accounts. This regulatory scrutiny, brought by a bipartisan group of state securities regulators, may prove significant given that state and