Artificial intelligence (AI) has captured the imagination and generated excitement with consumers and businesses, but at the same time, developments in AI have also raised public concerns and spawned regulation that sometimes threatens to outpace the technological innovation we are seeing. In this second in our series on AI, Stephen Piepgrass and colleagues Jim Koenig and Chris Willis discuss the background of AI, including the opportunities and associated risks it presents, as well as the emerging global best practices surrounding the collection, use, and sharing of data and its use in AI.

Our panel provides a top 10 list of best practices that companies should be considering if they’re thinking about using AI or are already using AI in their business processes.

In part three of this series, we will take a deep dive into the use and impact of AI in the health care industry.

Transcript: AI: Technology, Opportunities, Risks, and Best Practices (Part Two) (PDF)